Andrea False Lashes Style 70 – Black


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  • SWEET PAIR OF BLINKERS JUST FOR YOU: Accessorize your eyes and instantly get beautiful, long luscious lashes with Andrea False Lashes Style 70 – Black! Change your look in a snap, these faux mink eyelashes provide a subtle length and volume that have a graduated mixed length. They combine varying lengths of fine lashes to add natural-looking length & volume. Longer lashes in the center of the strip open up your eyes for a flirty, feminine look!
  • CRAFTED FOR THE MOST COMFORTABLE WEAR: Certain to compliment a wide variety of styles and the perfect gift for any makeup loves, these strip falsies will provide both style and convenience. With their versatile appearance, they are certain to enhance your makeup game for good without the hassle and inconvenience! The Andrea False Lashes Style 70 – Black are kind to eyes and shaped to feel lightweight and comfortable for a long time.
  • WHISPER-SOFT, BLACK FALSIES: Meticulously designed with super-soft lash strands that are certain to complement a wide variety of styles. The perfect gift for any makeup lover for being lightweight and comfortable to wear. These fake lashes are uniquely designed with a black lash that blends in smoothly with natural lashes. Created to mimic real hair giving a fully gorgeous, extra lash that is great for statements adding enviable volume and depth to your lash look!