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Processing time is 35 minutes, however, when you work on rough hair, always check the desired result before removal. Extend the processing time from 5-15 minutes if necessary.

When working at high levels the hair, the corresponding color base will be required in the formula. When you add in the corresponding shade base, you should also add in master mix to support the tone of destination.

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1/1 Blue Black, 3/0 Dark Natural Brown, 3/26 Dark Violet Red Brown, 4/0 Natural Brown, 4/2 Violet Brown, 4/45 Copper Mahogany Brown, 4/53 Mahogany Golden Brown, 4/65 Red Mahogany Brown, 5/0 Light natural Brown, 5/3 Light Golden Brown, 5/35 Light Golden Mahogany Brown, 5/4 Light Copper Brown, 5/5 Light Mahogany Brown, 5/6 Light Red Brown, 6/0 Dark Natural Blonde, 6/3 Dark Golden Blonde, 7/0 Natural Blonde, 7/23 Violet Golden Blonde, 7/32 Golden Violet Blonde, 7/4 Copper Blonde, 7/44 Intense Copper Blonde, 33/22 Intense Violet Dark Brown, 55/66 Intense Redish Brown, 66/65 Intense Red Mahogany Dark Blonde, 77/66 Intense Red Blonde