Vital Pro New Texture Relaxer Kit

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The best kept secret for curly hair- New Texture is a sodium-free guanidine hydroxide relaxer that does a great job on all hair textures. Control the strength and relaxing speed by varying the amount of activator mixed with the relaxer cream. Designed with highly textured Latino and African-American hair textures in mind, it controls texture without diminishing it.

How To Use


  • Step 1: Apply Crème or oil base (Not Included with Kit) around the hairline, ears, and scalp using small subsections. Wait two minutes and proceed with relaxer application.
  • STEP 2 RELAXER APPLICATION: Mix Liquid Activator (Part B or 2) into Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Crème (Part A or 1) thoroughly until product is uniform and smooth. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the jar with spatula and look through the bottom of the jar to ensure that crème is mixed well. Part hair into four sections and set timer according to timing guide. Wear gloves. Virgin Hair (Never Relaxed): Using the back of a comb apply an ample amount of relaxer using small subsections to hair ½ inch away from scalp to ½ inch away from the ends. Continue until all four sections are covered and start applying relaxer not hair closest to the scalp. Retouch every 6-8 weeks (Previously Relaxed Hair): Using the back of a comb apply an ample amount of relaxer to new growth hair, about ¼ inch away from the scalp using small subsections. Apply to new growth only. Avoid applying relaxer directly onto the scalp. Continue until all four sections are covered. Smoothing: Using the back of the comb and fingers gently smooth new growth or virgin hair where relaxer was applied to achieve desired straightening. Rinse: After desired straightening is achieved, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.

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